StreamGo knows that the best opportunity to lower costs and maximize creativity in finding the right solution happens most often when a provider delivers the entire project. From concept to delivery and long term management of the asset, StreamGo builds what you need and what you can afford for both the short and long term.


Buyers in the water infrastructure market  are victims of a fragmented service delivery model.  One company designs, one company builds, another operates and the banks or governments provide the funds.  This model is proven to be inefficient and limits true innovation. The inevitable result of following that model is higher overall infrastructure costs and no ultimate accountability for long term project performance.

Customers who contract our complete involvement from concept to delivery and ongoing management of their water asset will experience the full economic benefits of our business model. Sometimes however due to timing or circumstance the opportunity for our full participation  may not always exist. If not, we will still work with you to provide the best solution possible within the parameters available.

Design Build

We will design your plant, build it in our fabrication facility, manage the site construction ahead of delivery, install and commission. 

Design Build Operate

In addition to designing, building, and installing your plant, we provide operation and maintenance service under a multi year contract with the owner. 

DesIgn Build

Operate Finance

Finance and deliver a complete turnkey solution, recovering all capital and operating costs over the amortization period of agreed upon financing terms.