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Advanced Wastewater Treatment Solutions

StreamGo designs, builds, and operates advanced water treatment systems capable of returning wastewater sources to their original supply purity level and higher. Our solutions are varied, incorporating market-disrupting technologies and design approaches that save time and money. Whether it's brand new centralized or decentralized treatment plants, modifications and  upgrades that increase the treatment capacity of exiting systems, or re-purposing plants that use inadequate or obsolete treatment technologies, StreamGo takes a comprehensive approach to filling your water servicing requirements. This, combined with our unique understanding of the multiple industries which rely on water servicing and the metrics that define opportunities for value-creation designs, make StreamGo your best partner to maximize your water infrastructure investment.  

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Design and Build What is Needed

Many factors influence wastewater servicing.  Every site is different. Every jurisdiction has its own regulatory challenges to navigate. Every owner has different pain points that influence decisions.  StreamGo's experience in engineering, obtaining approvals, building, operating and even financing the purchase of wastewater infrastructure systems sets us apart. We make it our business  to understand and account for those factors in developing a strategy that will provide your best servicing solution.  

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Managed Construction

Effectively managing the installation of what we design and build reduces the overall cost of our infrastructure solution. StreamGo’s construction group is invested in a project's long-term viability which results in a more efficient delivery .

Long Term Utility Operations 

Once your water infrastructure is built, it has to be operated, maintained and preserved.  StreamGo Utilities manages the systems we build, ensuring that what we put together works as designed. Even if we didn't build your plant, we will still operate it under contract to you. Our team of experienced licensed operators are available for full 24/7 response and coverage.