New ideas, technologies, procurement strategies and financial instruments are essential to meet the demand for advanced, profitable, water infrastructure solutions




We used to be customers. 

As participants in the water industry, buyers of products and seekers of advice from industry consultants for our clients, we were struck by the absence of support within the industry itself to challenge convention. After a time, we came to understand that it's not that people in the industry don't want to be creative or embrace the latest technological advancements. Rather, it is the system of procurement and the inability or unwillingness to properly identify and manage risk that suffocates true innovation in this market. 

You may have experienced this first hand as a client and thought "there has to be a better way".  We asked ourselves the same question and we have built a business that answers with a definitive "yes there is". Isn't it time you worked with people who see it the same way you do?   The reality is, the old ways of delivering water infrastructure are not affordable or sustainable and haven't been for some time.  New ideas, technologies, procurement/delivery strategies and financial instruments are essential to meet the need for innovative profitable infrastructure solutions.  At StreamGo, we know there are better ways and we'd like to show you. 

We are a newly formed company but we know our stuff. Our leadership team collectively possess a 60 year track record of success in commercial, industrial and municipal water markets. Our range of experience covers equipment, design, construction and operations of large and small scale water and wastewater systems throughout Canada and the United States.