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A fresh perspective on water.

StreamGo represents the future of water. With decades of experience in the North American water industry, our team understands that a streamlined approach, creates highly efficient solutions. As an innovative, full-service water company, StreamGo is leading clients to unexpected achievements in cost savings, water quality and conservation. Utilizing in-house design, manufacturing, construction, and plant operation expertise, our scalable, expandable packaged solutions are tailored to the unique needs of the developments and communities we serve.

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Turning Great Ideas Into Successful Solutions
When the people who come up with the idea have to deliver the goods, you create a foundation for achieving desired outcomes. Our one stop delivery model affords a more viable guarantee of performance and reduction in risk. By delivering the complete project scope, StreamGo is able to eliminate overlaps and reduce delivery times. StreamGo has built its reputation on products and services our clients can count on.

We are an experienced, curious team who feel empowered to make a difference. We are: daring, trusting, transformational and impactful.

Our Team

Thomas Acciaroli

VP Project Delivery

Daniel Barrett

VP Pre-Construction

Justin Bonn

VP Plant Operations

Pat Brethauer


Kevin Hall

VP Engineering

Richard Nie

President & CEO

Marco Polverari

VP Research & Development

Peter Rupcic

VP Shared Services

Brad Westcott

VP Market Creation