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We do it all.

Simply put, by keeping all aspects of the project under one roof, we remove the risk from our clients projects. Our single point of responsibility delivery model, allows StreamGo to deliver projects in less time with reduced fees.

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Residential &
StreamGo has pivoted from the norm and is changing the infrastructure economics of building environmentally responsible residential communities and commercial developments. StreamGo’s custom manufactured solutions allow developers to responsibly maximize the density of their properties and increase their ROI.

StreamGo’s solutions provide developers the ability to invest only in the specific solution required for each phase of a project. Solutions are customized, scalable and expandable as the needs of the development/community grows. Cities, towns, villages, modular home communities, mobile home parks, adult lifestyle developments, resorts, and industrial parks, can all benefit from StreamGo’s unique, project-specific water servicing plans.
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StreamGo provides multiple delivery options for municipally-owned water operations. Whether upgrading or replacing existing water infrastructure systems, StreamGo's turn-key solutions are designed and built in-house. When we also install and operate the project, we further mitigate risk by providing a performance guarantee for our systems.
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Industrial and Waste Management Sites
Landfill leachate treatment, solids dewatering, large-scale compost facilities and industrial manufacturing are among the markets StreamGo has developed game changing water treatment solutions for.

Treating water that contains by-products of waste management sites is seen by most owners as a cost that reduces the bottom line. With the right approach however, StreamGo sees water treatment as an avenue for increased profitability rather than a negative line item.
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Food and Beverage Manufacturing
Food and Beverage ManufacturingBreweries, wineries, distilleries, and soft drink producers often pay punishing surcharge premiums for wastewater disposal to municipal sewers that cut into profitability.

Whether discharging to municipal sewers or directly to the environment, StreamGo is uniquely positioned to provide profit enhancing water treatment management solutions.

Beverage makers with no access to municipal treatment and collection systems have different challenges and our decentralized onsite treatment plants provide solutions for all needs.

Whatever the scenario, whether discharging to municipal sewers or directly to the environment, StreamGo is uniquely positioned to provide profit enhancing water management solutions.
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Water resources for horticulture farm operations can require specialized management and treatment. StreamGo delivers value-packed solutions for solids removal of process, vegetable and pack house wash water.

We are always working to provide a plan that not only solves the immediate treatment need, but offers new opportunities to improve the operational bottom line.
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StreamGo is well positioned to satisfy site remediation and water treatment requirements of commercial airport operators, Airports have a unique set of challenges to ensure various contaminants used in operations aren’t infiltrating the local environment. A StreamGo solution provides customized cost-effective delivery and operations unique to the needs of each facility.
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