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Providing peace-of-mind with 100% PFAS removal & zero impact on our environment.
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Introducing the world’s first all-in-one PFAS removal and destruction system.

Designed for municipal and commercial water supply applications, StreamGo’s EPA compliant PFAS Solution offers peace-of-mind for communities, ensuring their water supply is pure, fresh, and free of all harmful chemicals. In addition to providing safe drinking water, StreamGo’s PFAS System completely destroys ‘Forever Chemicals’ so that they are not re-released into the environment.

Delivers 100% safe, purified water

All-in-one removal and destruction

Turn-key solution

Maximizes energy use

Zero by-products created

Minimal ongoing operating costs

No handling/transporting of toxic or hazardous materials

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Innovation and Technology
Through extensive R&D, StreamGo’s PFAS Solution is a closed-loop system designed to not only isolate, but to also completely destroy PFAS contaminants in the water supply. Featuring our patented nanotechnology adsorption, PFAS chemicals are separated, concentrated, removed and deconstructed. This allows StreamGo to deliver 100% safe, purified water for human consumption and domestic use.
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Environmental and Cost Efficiencies
Intense concentration of PFAS molecules maximizes energy use during the destruction process. No hazardous by-product are created, eliminating additional costs for disposal or commissioning of a third-party on-site destruction company.

StreamGo’s turn-key PFAS Solution not only ensures an accurate up-front cost for the system, but also allows for minimal ongoing operating costs.
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Designed with the end user in mind, the StreamGo turn-key, closed-loop PFAS Solution ensures no one is handling or transporting a designated controlled substance and that all staff and operators are safe and sound.

(per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) also-known-as ‘Forever Chemicals’, are a group of human-made chemicals that have been widely used in various industrial and consumer products due to their ability to repel water and oil. They are persistent in our waterways, meaning they do not break down in the environment and can accumulate in our bodies over time.